Enjoy all of Pastor Cinda's sermons as they will be posted here each week

August 29, 2021     'Who Is My Neighbor'  

                                   Loving God means showing mercy to anyone in need.

September 12, 2021     'Only One Thing'  

                                   Focusing on Jesus is a disciple's first priority.

September 19, 2021     'To Pray Like Jesus'  

                                   Every believer has the privilege of praying to God as their good and loving Father.

August 8, 2021       'Follow Me’    A  disciple of Jesus wholeheartedly serves  the Kingdom of God

May 30,2021            'Pentecost Living'       Jesus invites us into the life of the Triune God

May 9,2021              'Building for Eternity'   The only sure foundation is built on the teachings of Jesus.

May 2, 2021              'Judge Not'             A critical attitude hinders the Kingdom of God. 

April 25, 2021          'Love Like God'       As the Father has loved us, we love others

April 18, 2021           'Two Kingdoms'     Jesus’ disciples live by God’s Kingdom values.

April 11, 2021           'Seeing Jesus'          Jesus becomes real through eyes of faith

April 4, 2021              'Living Hope'           Because God raised Jesus from the dead, we have hope

March 28, 2021        'Parade to Peace'          Jesus brought peace in a way no one expected

March 21, 2021        'Lord of the Sabbath'   The Sabbath is a gift from God

March 14, 2021        'The Healing Place'      God’s healing is found in Jesus' Church

March 7, 2021          'The Greatest Need'      Jesus Heals Our Deepest Need

February 28, 2021    'Follow Me'      Jesus shows us how to gather people into God’s Kingdom

February 21, 2021    Healing with Power     Jesus heals with authority and compassion

February 14, 2021     Proclaiming the Lord's Favor  Everyone needs salvation

February 7, 2021       Standing Firm  Evil is defeated by the power of the Holy Spirit and armed with God’s Word.

January 24, 2021       Baptized for Us              Jesus was obedient to God for our sake

 January 17, 2021        What Should We Do?   Salvation comes through Jesus to repentant hearts

 January 10, 2021        My Father's House    Jesus grew to understand his purpose and mission

September 26, 2021     'Dangerously Clean'  

                                   Empty souls do not remain clean without the Holy Spirit.